Meet Jeff

Jeff is a father, state representative, past mayor, insurance guy, competitive strongman, record holding powerlifter and a strong believer in his hometown of Junction City and the State of Kansas. 

Jeff has lived his whole life, except the years he went to college, in Junction City.  He raised his two sons in Junction City and he now serves as the District 65 State Representative and past Mayor of Junction City.  Jeff is one of those people who shapes the character of Junction City and the State of Kansas.  His hard work and dedication will lead us to a stronger economy.  He is committed to helping the children and families of Kansas. 

Jeff is a man who wears many hats:  State Representative for District 65, insurance agent, Junction City City Commissioner, KAIA-ASCK Board of Directors, and vice president of Geared Up Dads. 

Besides being a business owner himself, Jeff has a more expansive view of the business climate from his several civic positions.  He works hard at the state, local, and personal level to develop a strong economy that serves the families and children of Junction City. 

When asked why he ran for state representative and mayor, Underhill said, “I decided to run because my sense of responsibility told me to do so. I had the willingness and wanted to take an active role to create a positive change for Junction City/Geary County and the State of Kansas.” 

Jeff holds several state powerlifting titles and competes in strongman competitions.  He impressively pulled a Peterbilt truck in the Monsters of the Midwest and will compete at Nationals in Dallas the summer of 2023. 

“I really enjoy doing strongman training and competitions,” said Underhill. “Lifting crazy heavy objects is my stress relief and mental getaway from responsibilities.  I compete because I need that competitive drive to keep motivated, and if you’re going to do something, you might as well try and be the best.” 

This competitive and hardworking spirit is what Jeff Underhill brings to the State of Kansas with his leadership.  His focus is on a strong local economy and protecting families and the children of Kansas. 

Junction City Local involvement:
Geared Up Dads, vice president
Junction City Housing Authority, past chair
Junction City Brigade, board president
Immanuel Lutheran Church, past president
Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, past chair
Junction City, City Commission
Metropolitan Planning Organization, (alternate) past chair
Junction City Land Bank Board of Trustees, past chair

Other State Level involvement:
KAIA-ASCK Board of Directors

Current State House of Representatives involvement:
65th District State House Representative
Insurance Committee
Local Government Committee
Elections Committee
Child Welfare and Foster Care Committee
Appointed to Joint Committee for Child Welfare Oversight

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